The Attic Nights of Crispinus Quintius

Lord Crispin FitzRoy
25 October 1900
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  • Eton College - Windsor, England - Berkshire, United Kingdom (1913 - 1918)
The secret diary of everyone's favourite cocaine-addled, xenophobic, overly well-(in)bred, jingoistic, sexually repressed old Etonian, younger son of the Duke of Grafton. Currently attending Cambridge in the early 1920's, trying to learn about life and the world.

Or at least, learn more about a slightly wider, still very privileged portion of the world.

(ooc: This is the journal of a fictional character. Crispin is a non-fandom OC and belongs to me, but his PB does not. Although that would be cool, in a creepy sort of way. But mun and muse are over the age of 18.)